Using a Beard Balm: Why It’s Great to Have a Soft Beard

Beard balm does a very good job of softening your beard. Perhaps even better job than what a beard oil does itself. When you make use of Primitive Outpost Beard Balms, your beard will appear to be a whole lot better. Rather than looking dry and frizzled out, beard balm would help ensure that your beard simply looks awesome

Therefore if you’re attending a wedding, going on an interview, have a date night, or just doing anything that requires that you put on your best appearance – beard balm will help ensure that your beard looks very good.

But looks are one thing, another advantage associated with having a soft beard is that it would prevent the occurrence of split ends. This is a remarkable difference in the health of your beards and the second most vital use of beard balm! To further limit the occurrence of split ends it is essential that you do trim your beard in a proper manner.

Not to delve away too much, however, if you’re serious about your beard and allowing it to grow longer, use shears rather than a beard trimmer. Beard trimmers are very good, but when attempting to keep a longer healthy looking beard, beard trimmers only function to a finite length – normally about .75″ (or around 20mm).

Having so much love for your beard mean that you have to keep it clean. One of the difficulties for the newly bearded is the consumption of foods that we would not pay attention to when without a beard. Below are five ways you can go about helping your beard stay fresh and clean even when you have the messiest food in your diet.

  1. Groom and Trim

It is important that you keep the mustache around your mouth well-trimmed. However, if you prefer your mustache growing, it is important that you employ an excellent firm mustache wax in order to have the hairs stick together. It is also not a bad idea to have your facial hairs shaped just so that they do not hang in the way of you eating a sumptuous meal. It is important you are aware of the fact that the trimming can be done yourself using a pair of barber’s shears daily or you can always pay a visit to a barber that is beard-friendly for a touch up once a week.

  1. Keep it Covered

You can always try a bib! Get yourself a bandana or a handkerchief (preferably of a waterproof treatment or fabric) and have it tied around your chin whenever you want to clean your beard. At first, it is expected for you to find it funny, but if you will be eating before you head out for a job interview or a meeting, this is a safe practice, as it will prevent you from having chunks of food on your beard. It is important you are aware of the fact that there is beard shield available, or perhaps you could opt for a DIY shield using some plastic or vinyl, and have it decorated just the way you like. On the other hand, you can make use of a cellophane in a pinch, whichever way you slice it you will find that there will be days that you will not mind going the extra length to have your beard looking clean.