The Scotsman SCN60PA1SS –Powered By Innovative Software

The Scotsman SCN60PA1SS –Powered By Innovative Software

Nugget or pelletice is very common for lovers of ice, they are labelled as chewable ice. The innovator of this ice is Scotsman Ice Systems, manufacturers of the Scotsman SCN60PA1SS, the establishment that changed the history of ice on an everlasting note.

As previously mentioned, we have the pellet and nugget ice – It is referred to as nugget due to the fact that it has a soft, unique and small shape. Again it’s similarly referred to as Pellet ice as well for similar reasons, look, size etc.

Chewable ice has come to be the ideal complement for certain beverages like salad bars, smoothies, blended cocktailsand other therapeutic uses.

Benefits of Nuggets and Pellets

One major benefit of chewable ice is the fact that it melts slower meaning it doesn’t dilute drinks very swiftly. And immediately the drink has been taken – chewing the ice is simply done.

The clear crisp appearance the ice has even looked awesome which represents another added bonus.

The third chewable ice type is known as Pearl ice – this is made by ice-o-matic and possesses all the qualities of the previously mentioned ice types

With the Scotsman SCN60PA1SS undercounter ice maker, you are able to make 80lbs of ice and store 26lbs of it in the storage bin as well. You could get cool drinks courtesy ofthe softer nugget ice from Scotsman.

The self-closing door acts as an efficient mechanism for reasons of safety. You could easily operate the machine easily with the use if the user-friendly control panel. The control pane reveals to you alerts like power being on, no water, and the machineinforming you that it needs to be cleaned.

You could get much ice for you to make use of via the Scotsman SCN60PA1SS. The dimensions are 15 inches in width, 23 inches in depth and 33 inches in length.