Protect Your Mobile Data From Hackers And Spammers

In the present scenario, mobile phones are considered as a great helping hand of a person, since they literally help them to do a wide range of tasks with few clicks. Due to the intensified corporate culture, people have even started to handle their bank dealings with their handsets. This is the main reason why thieves have started to steal these gadgets. If someone has stolen your mobile phone then it is advised to take a proactive measure by acquiring genuine handy finden Google services. You can find your device through device manager, location history, and Google photos.

How to use the service manager for Android?

This is considered as one of the most remarkable services which Google is offering at present to Android users. Through the usage of device manager, one can delete exclusive files from his or her mobile handset, while being at a remote location. Most of the time hackers prey on intimate pictures and messages of people with which they try to extort money from them. Device manager facility will help you to protect such information and get peace of mind.

Before you can acquire a great feature of this application, first you need to log into your Google account and have to register your mobile phone there. The service is fast and effective as you just have to provide only your email id along with the password for once. In the second step, you are supposed to enable the location services for your mobile which will help to locate it easily. You are also supposed to enable the facility of remote locking and data erasing for your mobile phone.

What are the various steps which you are required to follow?

Initially, you are supposed to log on to the website of the device manager from your laptop or any other device. After login, you will be able to see all the mobile devices which you have synced with the help of the device manager. When you choose your lost mobile, then Google maps will show you its location with exact coordinates. In some cases, when the location is not clear, then Google maps will showcase a circle on the map inside which your handset might be.

How can you provide genuine security of data?

Through your remote location, you can either provide a new, secure lock for your mobile or if you think that a hacker can even breach the new password then you can even erase all the date from the device. The erase option will help you to delete all the data from your micro card as well as from the phone’s internal memory.

One can give the command for data deletion even if his or her stolen mobile has been switched off by the thief. The mobile device will start to commence its factory settings as soon as it will connect to the internet. Furthermore, with the help of device manager facility, you can also acquire the services of mobile ring. With the help of mobile ring service, one can make the mobile ring at full volume for the next five minutes.