A heat press is a machine that makes use of high heat to transfer a graphical pattern onto a fabric. These devices help to inscribe designs on different materials like ceramic plates, mugs, tiles, jigsaw puzzles, tote bags, metal, wood etc. Today, artists and hobbyists make use of the top rates heat press for home use machines either in their home or workshop to imprint designs on clothes and other fabrics. These machines work best at a high temperature ranging between 375 degrees to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. You have to apply a force ranging between 40 to 80 psi so as to inscribe designs on to the fabric.

The heat press machines come with an aluminum heating element and they make use of a particular type of inks and carrier paper. They are heated to a specified temperature with the application of pressure to press on to the transfer inks for a particular period of time. Furthermore, the transfer inks are pressed onto the fabric which is to be inscribed on so as to form a pattern on the surface or on different layers of material. Heat presses are operated in two ways which are either through a manual or automatic operation.

There are lots of top rates heat press for home use available in different stores. The most popular type utilizes flat platen for the application of pressure and high temperature. Below is a list of some common types.

  • Clamshell type – This heat press is designed in a way in which the upper heating element opens like that of a clamshell.
  • Swing-away type –This heat press is designed in a way in which the upper heat platen swings away from the lower platen.
  • Draw style heat press – As the name implies, you can pull out the bottom platen for graphic preparation like you are pulling out a drawer.
  • Vacuum operated heat press – This type of heat press operates by utilizing air pressure to achieve the desired outcome.