Key Considerations When Buying LED Shoes

Key Considerations When Buying LED Shoes


LED shoes are now a favorite of a lot of people. If you like being different and outstanding from the rest, then you should be giving some serious thought to getting light up shoes. These shoes are quite different from the light up shoes for kids that only come on with each step, they stay lit. An increasing number of brands are shooting up in the market and to make an informed choice you need to be aware of a couple of things to consider when buying a pair;

Color Modes

If you’re the daring type, then you’ll be after shoes that are able to light up in various colors. A large number of these shoes are made with multiple color modes that allow you to flip a carefully hidden switch to select a color of your choice.


Shoe weight and comfort

The fact that the shoes come with a lighting feature does not mean they should not be comfortable when you wear them. You should be able to wear them comfortably just like any other regular shoe, and without any extra weight dragging you down.


Lighting modes

Think about the available lighting modes on the shoes before buying them. This way you can choose a pair that will give you the kind of comfort and service that you want. A great number of the shoes will have various lighting modes that you can select from.


Ease of Use

This obviously has to do with controlling the lighting system. Consider the fact that light up shoes have to be charged just like you charge your phones. Most of them come with USB cables that you can use for this purpose. Besides being easy to charge, you also have to ensure that the color modes and lighting types can be easily controlled.



LED shoes depend on batteries for power. It’s better to get long-lasting batteries as they are more durable and they offer more charge. Some really great batteries can give you up to 8 hours of charge.