Software Development Myths That Just Might Not Go Away

It is only natural for humans to come up with misconceptions of concepts that they do not fully understand. It was not long ago when programming languages were invented. FORTRAN was invented in 1957 and the internet is slight over 25 years old. As such, software programming is still a skill and concept that is new to many people making them wary of developing technology. As a result of lack of complete understanding, there are myths that have cropped up over the years. These myths especially surround software in business.

Below are some of the myths that are not about to go away anytime soon.

Software Development is an expensive venture

This is probably one of the leading myths there is. And it is because of this myth and thinking that many businesses, even those that need custom software do not take advantage of them to improve on efficiency. Many end up buying off the shelf software that may not truly fit with the business requirements – software that need a lot of effort to work.

Making use of generic software is equivalent to making a failed investment. The company is bound to outgrow the software or at one point in time find it insufficient for its needs. In addition to this, the software may come with hidden costs and fees that the business may not be ready to handle. These include support costs and licensing. Buying a software off the shelf might also have you changing your business processes just to make use of the functionality of the software. When you consider all these factors, a custom software solution is the best way to go.

Creating a software company translates into unwarranted overhead

Thisis yet another myth. Developing a custom software does not take a lot of time from the business. With all honesty, when you decide to venture into custom software development, you will need to hire a professional software development company while your team concentrates its efforts in relevant business processes. There of course will be meetings held to consult and approve the software development processed but that is just about it. And when you think about it, this is no different from other business plans you might want to undertake that require you to sub-contract specialists like electricians and engineers.

Chances are you just might find it beneficial to bring in a third party company to get the job done for you. They may give you some insight on how you can improve your business’ efficiency.

Hiring more manpower will cause the project to proceed faster

It happens that when the deadline is nigh business owners direct all their manpower to the software development project in the hope that the project will move on faster. But here is the thing, doing this is counterproductive. Software development is not just a matter of adding more hands and brains into the project. The leaders of the project have to get everyone up to speed. They have to assign specific tasks to members of the team. Adding new persons to the process will mean having the current members of the team, redirecting their efforts to training and brining the new members up to speed. Simply put, adding more persons will be a distraction. Frederick P. Brooks explains this theory in his essay ‘The Mythical Man-Month’.

Software is flexible and is easily changed

It is possible to change software this is a well-known fact. There are some basics that can be changed and can be easily implemented and while there are those that are not so easily changed, and in the event they are tampered with they cause a ripple effect throughout the system which means another entire process of tests and debugging the software. Before any change is made, a thorough assessment should be done having in mind the end user, the business clients and customers.

Yes software development, in relation to many other concepts is relatively new, but even then, it is important that we strive to move past the myths and come to a point of complete understanding if the concepts.