Slates: Replacing Plates in Restaurants

Slates: Replacing Plates in Restaurants

You might have noticed this present trend for a while now in a lot of gastro pubs and restaurants, with food being served on blocks of wood or pieces of slate and plates appear to have vanished totally. As contained in an article monitored on slateplate, this is something that some individuals like and could enjoy their meal eating in this manner, whereas others don’t like this ongoing trend and send their meals back for it to be served on the traditional dinner plate which they are accustomed to.

If you’re eating at a takeaway you might expect your food to be served in a box or in a paper and don’t worry about eating this way as it’s practical, especially if you’re on the move, but if you’re spending a lot of money to eat out at a costly restaurant then you might not be okay with your food being served in the same oven dish that it was cooked in or in the frying pan. This might give an unpleasant experience that could result in the customer not going back to the restaurant they have been frequenting for a lot of years.

We are used to seeing our plates being served on a table mat derived from slate, but now it seems the plates have been replaced and our food is now being served directly on what was previously referred to as a placemat. Naturally, slate soaks up liquids and moisture so if you have a dish like a pasta dish you would realize that your sauce is already being soaked up before you even get a chance to consume it.

Slates make very good gifts. I get someone to engrave my friends’ initials into the bottom corners most times and then recommend placements for the slates such that the slate could host their most prized possessions. Anything from stand-up photo frames to figurines. The slateplate would complement almost any setting.

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