PS4 Storage Upgrade Tips You Should Know

Storage space is at its peak with game consoles. Even when you prefer to pick up hard copies of games than install full games; DLC installs and patches can fill up the space of your standard hard drive incorporated into your PlayStation very quickly. The good news is that it is incredibly easy to incorporate more PS4 storage into your console. You can decide to change your current hard drive and get a new one, or since the software update 4.0 is available, simply attach an external one.

Add an external drive

The 4.50 software update was launched on March 9 and allows you to incorporate any USB 3.0 hard drive into the external storage. However, take note of these facts:

  • The hard drive should come with at most 8TB capacity
  • The hard drive must be compatible with USB 3.0
  • Only applications and games can be stored on the external drive – note that game applications and features are stored on the internal drive

If you don’t want to bother yourself about an external drive, read this article to find out how to swap the internal drive with a bigger, newer drive.

Add a new hard drive

If you intend to have a little more space, we have created a guide on how to incorporate a new, bigger hard drive into your PS4. The whole process doesn’t last more than 15 minutes.

Note this before starting: I am sure you have some documents you don’t want to tamper with or lose. If you intend to keep that data – and effortlessly transfer it to the new hard drive – Sony provides a comprehensive detail on how to back up the data to a USB drive.

What you need

  • PlayStation 4
  • USB flash drive (more than 1GB)
  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • 5-inch laptop hard drive (we prefer this feature)
  • PlayStation 4’s latest operating software

Replace the hard drive

  • Remove your PS4 from the power outlet.
  • In case you have a PS4 Pro, ensure that you remove the two casings on the rear side while for a PS4 classic, remove the top left chassis plate.
  • Detach the hard drive bracket. It will be held in position with a screw inscribed with the PS4 button symbols.
  • Remove the housing bracket of the hard drive.
  • Detach the four screws securing the drive in the bracket (but ensure that the rubber is intact).
  • Swap the old hard drive with the new one, fastening the drive.

Download the software

  1. On your computer, download the software from the official PlayStation website.
  2. Link the USB flash drive with your computer and configure it to FAT32, which will clear off all the data on the drive to make it compatible with the console. This can be achieved on Windows by pressing right-click on the drive, choosing Format, selecting the “FAT32” option from the menu below and click the start button.
  3. Set up a folder on the flash drive and name it as PS4, as well as the one called UPDATE; make sure that both are in caps.
  4. Upload the installer document to your flash drive, and drop it into the UPDATE folder.
  5. Connect back the PlayStation and switch to the safe mode by pressing down the power button for about 8 seconds.
  6. Choose the “Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software)” option.
  7. Go over the prompts and enjoy your updated hard drive!