On installation, a marble looks polished and shiny and the patterns on the marble stone will reveal the beauty and distinct look that can found only on natural stone. It is important to be aware that the beauty and distinct look of natural stone come at a cost. The marble stone must be maintained and cleaned properly by hiring the service of marble cleaning Singapore service on regular basis, ensure that it looks new and shiny owing to the fact that marble stone is soft. It is important that the polished shiny look is restored periodically by being polished.

It is enormously important to clean, maintain and protect the polished look of the marble stone. The marble stone must be secured from all sort of bleak cleaning products, acidic cooking products, and soaps. Not many actually understand how easy it seems to get a marble etched with just shaving cream, acidic food products or shampoos. In addition, our everyday cooking products like vinegar, wine, and lemon juice can sternly etch and stain the polished marble. It is quite impossible to remove the stains and etch of a marble with normal household cleaning procedures and products. It is important that only gentle stone cleaners should be utilized for cleaning of this soft natural stone and all the contaminates and spill should be wiped off as fast as immediately in order to prevent them from staining or etching the polished marble.

By utilizing the most stringent maintenance and care plans for your marble floorings, it is not a guaranteed that you will not lose that glossy and shiny look over time. Micro-abrasions and scratches contribute to the loss of the glossy, reflective appearance and shiny appearance on your marble compared to when it was installed newly. It is important that you ensure that your marble is polished on a regular basis, in order to restore that glossy and shiny appearance it had when it was newly installed.

One of the periodic maintenance plan required for marbles is polishing. Marble cleaning Singapore will give you a professional stone polishing procedure that will eliminate the small abrasive marks and scratches that are deterring the shiny, polished and shiny appearance.