One of the biggest complaints in the tech community is the battery life of Apple iPhone. It is not news that while using the device heavily like synchronizing your e-mail or surfing the internet with your device, you may have between 3 or 4 hours of usage on the maximum. In order to avoid iPhone battery issues, it is important that you follow the advice given below; as it will ensure the battery life of your device is extended for a couple of hours.

  1. Avoid listening to music. If you require a phone for e-mail or other work-related purposes, it is important for you not to trade your battery life for music pleasures.
  2. Turn the sound You should understand at this stage that for every action your phone performs it is powered with your battery even if your phone makes a beep or vibrate. It is advised you turn the sound off in order to conserve the battery life.
  3. Set Auto lock for 1 minute. Your device uses more battery as the screen is left on. It is not a bad idea; rather it is advised to put your device to sleep just after use.
  4. Change E-Mail to manual. Just in case your device is configured to push email to your device in real time, it is important you deactivate this feature in order to conserve the battery life.
  5. If your Bluetooth is not in use, turn it off.
  6. As long as your eyesight is not in any way compromised, you can reduce the brightness of your phone as possible as you can.
  7. It is no doubt that you know where your phone is now, it is advised you turn off location services.
  8. If you are not using the Wi-Fi, turn it off also.
  9. If and only if mobile data speed is not an issue for you, it is advised you switch from 3G to GSM.

It is very important that once every week you run your battery down and recharge it fully to 100%. This will ensure that your battery remain in good condition and if you also follow the tips given you will notice an improvement with your iPhone battery issues.