How to Create the Best Usernames to Impress Your Kik Friends

How to Create the Best Usernames to Impress Your Kik Friends

Kik is an amazing mobile application that allows its users to connect with people, browse the internet, share media and send instant messages. It is compatible for use on Windows Phone, Symbian, Android, BlackBerry operating system and Apple iOS. Most recently, the developers of this excellent app have made it possible for the application to be compatible with Mac and Windows PC. It is available on major app stores free of charge, thus new users are free to join the community and share the amazing experience of connecting with strangers or Kik friends whenever they want.

Kik is a great avenue to build a friend network and meet new people all that is required is you sharing your username and people will easily contact from all over the world.

For the fact that your username is to be shared, it is important your choice of a username is impeccable. Ensure that you choose a username that gives some sort of definition to your personality. It is important that the username you settle with gives other users some insight on your personality.

How to create a perfect Kik Messenger username for females and Guys.

Below you will find some rules developed that will assist you in picking an awesome username.

  • Ensure that your sweet and short

If you are a guy or a girl, having a short and simple username is one that is easily remembered. For instance, ladyguy12345 is better than opting for madigrazzz824. The latter looks a lot more interesting and fun, but the chances of you getting new friends are very low. Many users will definitely get puzzled while typing it.

  • Use Common words

Most Kik users connect with others by searching for their usernames. If perchance, you have a username that integrates everyday words like gay, nice, pretty, and cute there is a high chance that you will be found easily by various users around the world, thus gaining the contacts and the Kik friends that you desire. It is important that you pick an adjective that gives the best description of your personality, having it mixed with your name will be a perfect idea.