Guitar for Small Hands: A Review of the Top Picks

Many people fail to realize that when it comes to purchasing a guitar, especially as a starter, sizing should be taken into consideration. If a guitar does not have the right sizing, learning to play it will be frustrating and super difficult. And that is the reason the reviews on the Instrument Picker website is specially created for those who need guitars for small hands. In this article, we will discuss 2 of the best guitars for small hands. So peruse this article painstakingly because we have already done the hard work.

Taylor BT2 Acoustic Guitar

Everyone loves the Taylor brand and their Baby guitars are fantastically awesome. They may look like a small device but this device knows how to produce a mean tone! This guitar is extremely portable with a super mean performance and that is the reason we consider it as the number one on our reviews.

Designed with mahogany wood at the top, this device offers an extra punch around the mid-range. And you know the functions of this device? It makes your tone have that bluesy edge that will captivate your feelings. Now, this might not appear like a full-fledged dreadnought. Nevertheless, it does have a rather pleasant, warm sound that we love.

One fact is certain; this is one guitar that would surely be classified among the other big boy guitars due to the tone it produces. This guitar is the smaller size version of a regular Taylor Dreadnought. Hence, you can see that it’s incredibly portable and compact whilst delivering a really full tone.

It comes in a natural, beautiful shade coupled with a durable varnish coating. Asides from giving the guitar its good appearance, it also gives the guitar a smooth feel and protects the device thereby making the guitar absolutely delightful to hold.

In addition, this is a six string guitar. And the turning devices are attached to the die-cast chrome. Also, they are incredibly easy to use as well.

The package also contains a nice gig bag too! And no, it isn’t delicate. It is incredibly high quality and can be used as a travel bag.

Martin LX1 Acoustic Guitar

First off, the bridge and fingerboard are designed with Richlite which is a laminate product. Also, the sides and back of the device are designed with laminate materials. These features add up to make a very durable and super sturdy guitar and we consider this device as an excellent choice if you need a guitar for your travels.

In addition, it features this fantastic gig bag as well. Permit me to say this; we are awestruck by the quality of this well-made gig bag. It is not that you don’t deserve it. But considering the moderate price of the device, I must admit that they are really generous. Well, if you are still in doubt, I suggest that you get one and confirm.

Now, how about the feel of the tune? Well, yes this device handles its tune amazingly well and for quite a while too. Although it may not produce a sound similar to the regular Martin that is not its specialization.

We are simply excited that Martin could provide a quality instrument with a warm tone, properly balanced, and a robust build.