Give your tech company employees a break through LoL ranked accounts

Usually, when people think about people playing video games, they often think about lost productivity. At least this is what the stereotypical boss thinks about.

They think about the dollars and cents that they are losing because are just focusing all their time, attention and energy trying not to get killed in some sort of video game.

The employees focus on getting ahead in the video game, and they pretty much lose all their mental and emotional firepower as far as the company’s priorities and projects are concerned.

It is no surprise that a lot of people automatically think that when employees play League of Legends, Call of Duty or other very popular video games, that productivity is sure to take a hit.

Well, it doesn’t have to play out that way, believe it or not. Because if you’re a tech company, you should understand that much of your work is actually creative in nature.

While a lot of people are under the impression that tech companies are completely rational and number based, you know the truth. You know the real deal.

And the real deal here is that people need to get some sort of creative boost. They need to get their emotional batteries recharged so they can put things together, detect patterns, and otherwise make something out of nothing.

That is creative power. That is creativity. And it requires a tremendous amount of imagination and ability to connect the dots.

This is not going to happen if you just impose some sort of rigid routine on your employees and, sooner or later, they feel like they are trapped. They feel that they really cannot express themselves or let their hair down.

This is why an increasing number of tech companies allow employees to play video games on the premises. In fact, some companies let their employees play video games all day, every day.

Now, this is not as foolish as you think it may seem. Because these employees are still on a tight deadline and a quota. So they can play video games all they want, but by a certain date, they have to deliver final work.

This actually works to the company’s advantage because when people are operating on a deadline, they know that they are in a crunch and they start getting creative. They start becoming more efficient.

And this is why Bill Gates said that he’d rather hire a lazy person instead of a hard working person. Why? Because the lazy person will find a way how to get the job done faster in a cheaper way without expending so much energy. Do you see how this works?

So if you want to help your company achieve some sort of emotional and creative and imaginative breakthrough, given them LoL ranked accounts.

These ranked accounts will enable them to stay in the game for far longer. This will increase their engagement level because they are able to win more often.

The more engaged they become, the more committed they are to the game, which then allows them to blow off steam. This then leads to your company benefitting because they still have to perform based on a deadline.