Essential Buying Tips for the Best Motorcycle GPS

If you had used a great GPS system before, including an excellent motorcycle GPS system, you will agree that the best motorcycle GPS is useful and user-friendly. With advanced GPS technology coming into existence coupled with the continual advancement of modern digital mapping technology, this Expert – best motorcycle GPS can turn your ride into an enjoyable experience.

What is GPS? In case you don’t know, GPS is referred to as the Global Positioning System. It is a positioning and navigation technology which was first used by the US army that has been revolutionized and restructured to a complete user-friendly advanced navigation solution. Although the past GPS was just in the domain of the military, the technology is now so cheap and comes with excellent features. In fact, anyone who needs to fully exploit the advanced navigation system can afford this appliance.

If you want an excellent precision, check out these guidelines on shopping for the best motorcycle GPS system.


First and foremost, if you ride awkwardly, you have to apply the same intensity to your motorcycle GPS system. You need to opt for an appliance that is tougher than the one for vehicles. Although some companies are now designing GPS systems that fit perfectly into the motorcycle, it is important to peruse consumer reviews and ensure that GPS is strong to withstand any external effects as well as effectively handle the vibration of your bike.


Generally, you will attach your GPS either to your clutch bracket or bike’s brake, so that implies that you need a GPS system that can be attached to a U-bolt clamp or longer bolts. If you have an interest in one particular GPS system, but it doesn’t feature these mounting options, there are several third-party attachments that fit numerous varieties of systems.


Because you are not protected from external environmental effects like the sun, rain etc., make sure that you opt for a system that comes with a shield which surrounds and protect the shield for optimum viewing. In addition, the screen should be clear enough that you can view from the outside on cloudy days.


Even if the screen is obstructed, you should be able to hear the sound coming out of your system, right? Some motorcycle GPS systems usually feature a Bluetooth headset that is compatible with a Bluetooth-enabled helmet, so you can use the sound to know your next direction.


All the factors highlighted above are not fully effective if you can’t make use of your system. Look for systems that feature touch screens operable by the right or left hand covered with gloves, as well as systems that have a simple operational setting! If you read on reviews or heard from the past users that a system uses old-fashioned software or is sophisticated to use for what you need, I strongly suggest that you move on to the next.

Kick the Tires

Just like you’d want to try out the motorcycle tires embedded with the bike before you purchased it, consider evaluating the performance of a few models before you purchase one that you like. Maybe ask a friend to borrow his/her own bike, or make sure that you buy on with a 1-month return policy. Ensure that you follow these guidelines to find the best motorcycle GPS system that suits your needs.