CPAP Hygiene and CPAP Cleaner: Keeping Your Equipment Clean

CPAP Hygiene and CPAP Cleaner: Keeping Your Equipment Clean


Your computer mice and other pieces of equipment that we use and touch on a daily basis have been found to harbor more bacteria and germs than the seat on a toilet. Actually, some pieces of equipment are over a hundred times dirtier than the toilet seat. This should give you an inkling of what should be creeping around on a CPAP equipment; obviously nothing you would look forward to seeing under the view of a microscope. So, you can understand why cleaning and disinfecting your CPAP supplies with the perfect CPAP cleaner is so essential.


Clean the CPAP Mask Every Day

For the utmost cleanliness, it’s recommended that you clean the CPAP mask every day. For the other equipment, cleaning does not have to be so avid. The mask can be cleaned with soap and water but it could also be a great idea to have a specialized CPAP cleaner handy for the mask. There is also a recommendation for a constant supply of cleaning wipes, which you can put to use whenever you want to do a quick and easy clean of the CPAP mask. The mask will not only dry immediately, the wipes will also efficiently remove grease, oils, dirt, and other organic residues from the mask without any unpleasant smells.


Clean the Other Supplies Once Weekly

For the other CPAP equipment such as the tubing and some of the other accessories, the recommendation is that they should be cleaned once weekly. The ideal way of cleaning all the other CPAP appliances is to wash and rinse all the pieces of equipment in warm and soapy water with a little cleanser so that your accessories can smell fresh and clean. The CPAP tube cleaning brush is perfect for the removal of grime and dirt from your CPAP hose.