Canopy Tent Reviews and Buyer Guide: All You Need to Know

Canopies are a very important accessory when it comes to offering protection against harmful UV rays and rain. Due to this reason, they are the most favorite choice for outdoor events such as burial ceremonies, weddings, and any other kind of family events. Due to the increase in demand for canopy tents as mentioned here, manufacturers have a cushion this effect by releasing numerous models to the market.

Though this is amazing for any customer, it also generates some confusion; selecting the best canopy tents from loads of options becomes a challenging affair. In this article, we are going to consider the features that someone should consider when buying a canopy tent and later on some of the superb canopy tents in 2018.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Canopy Tent:

The size: The major determinant factor is the population you intend the tent to the house.

The durability: Generally, the durability of a product is determined by the warranty time range. The longer the warranty time range, the more robust the product is likely to be.

The material: Consider opting for water-resistant material and UV. The material is of huge importance since it determines the sturdiness of your tent which then translates to the durability of the product without developing complications.

Clam Corporation 9879

This is the best canopy tent available in the marketplace. With the ability to set up within a very short period, I have more time to feel the coolness of this high-quality shade. It can fit into a standard size picnic table. The 94 square ft. interior size offers more space to accommodate my entire family and friends. The no-see-um mesh screen prevents insects while the water-resistant roof ensures the dryness and coolness of the tent.


  • It features rain flaps that redirect the flow of rain over wind/rain panels.
  • It comes with a water-resistant roof embedded with taped seams.
  • The carrying bag makes the unit portable.

Coleman Back Home Instant Screenhouse

Coleman is a very reliable manufacturer when it comes to tents. With the ability to assemble the unit in 3 minutes, Coleman Back Home Instant Screenhouse canopy tent ensures that the unit is protected from wind, sun, and bugs.

The two large T-doors ensures that the entry and exit section are safe while the zippers prevent them from opening. The comfort grip helps to keep the shelter into place.


  • The UVGuard technology inhibits the unit from dangerous UV rays.
  • The easy-pull carry bag ensures portability.
  • Features a vaulted ceiling for more spaces for taller guests.

Clam Pavilion Screen Shelter

What makes this unit one of the best canopy tents on the marketplace is the ability to assemble the unit within 45 seconds.

Being one of the most valuable canopy tents in the market, it is designed with 210 deniers poly-oxford fabric. The water-resistant taped proof makes it perfect for the rainy period. It features a no-see-um mesh that prevents the irritating insects from reaching your tent.


  • It features 7 deluxe tent stakes and ties down for more stability.
  • Doesn’t require any assembly.
  • This canopy tent features built-in wind/rain panels for superb protection.