Best Garage Floor Epoxy Coating: Important Decision Making Tips

It is quite easy to install quality concrete garage floor epoxy with the use of the best garage floor epoxy coating products. You are required to follow the stepwise processes. Different options are available in the process and they include the standard gray and the more durable concrete staining incorporated with protective urethane top coats.

The best products come in the range of 70% – 100% solids. Most of the epoxy kits available in home improvement stores are not durable and only look glamorous on the day of application. However, it is quite easy to apply specialty high-performance coatings even with little or no experience. If you did a thorough job on the flooring, a quality epoxy system incorporated with a urethane top coat will offer a durable and long-lasting system. Ensure that you applied a system that is easy to clean and also has the ability to control heated medium like hot tires. All high-performance systems include two components; this implies that you can add two buckets A and B to form a homogeneous mixture. The application is completed with the use of a roller and in most cases, a squeegee is used by back rolling it with a paint roller.

If you desire to acquire one of these products, you are advised to be wary of the low-cost systems. You don’t need to believe what is written on the label, most of them can’t handle excessive heat and moisture.  They may look glamorous after completion but may start to give you problems after sometimes.

If one of the investments you are looking forward to buying are foreclosed homes, it is without a doubt that majority if the garages will be in a very bad state. It is important you are aware of the fact that garage remodeling is inexpensive and quick, so it will save you some money in the bank.

There is probably no light reflection and the concrete will be bad. However, it is important you are aware of the fact that the garage is the largest area in a house and it is somewhat the most unappreciated. You will find that the concrete looks very rough that it ought to be resurfaced and repaired to be in a similar condition of a showroom. It is without a doubt that when prospective buyer’s steps into a resurfaced garage their eyes are lit up. They have just found an additional facility that will allow you to make money in a short period and give them something to compete against other counterparts in the market.

How Long Does It Take to Apply?

It actually does not take a long time. If the floor is one that is filled with cracks and needs to be repaired, you are looking at a couple of hours. At this point, you can find all the materials you need to give your garage a new look on the internet, so there is no need stressing yourself shopping around different stores. You can buy cheap garage floor paint at the majority of the home improvement stores but it is important you are aware of the fact they do no last, in a matter of time they start peeling off the floor surface in a question of days. A high-performance coating, on the other hand, looks valuable and excellent, as it resonates through the other areas of the home.

You should plan anywhere from 1 hour to about 5 hours for the surface prep. This actually depends on the condition of the floor in question. The application if high-performance coatings can be done in 24 hours with nothing more than two coats.