Analyzing The Software Engineering Behind LoL Smurf

Analyzing The Software Engineering Behind LoL Smurf

Sometimes players exhibit greediness and enjoy a challenge. Why have a solitary account in Diamond league when it’s possible that you could have 2 and boast to your friends? By having a lot of accounts on a high level league it depicts that you surely possess the skill and did not just reach there by being carried. Having many accounts in a high tier league is fairly popular with pro players. xPekeand WildTurtleare both known to havea lot of lol smurf accounts in the tier of top challengers. Not only is this anawesome achievement however it’s great for exhibiting their skill and talent.

You will know how difficult it is to break out from that Elo hell if you have ever been placed in Bronze 5. Instead of spending months figuring out how to grind matches and thereafter break into the Silver league. Some players find it quicker and easier to begin with their promotion matches again.

To make this happen, you require afresh League of Legends smurf account that’s level 30 otherwise you would not be able to play ranked. The majority of the people find it easier to reallyget a smurf account rather than gothrough all the effort of leveling one from beginning again.

Although you could transfer your account to another region through the in store option, it could be costly if you keep switching back and forth. You can purchase a brand new smurf for the similaramount instead of transferring your main account.

This way you couldhave your major account on one area say EUW and your lolsmurf account can be on NA. Now you enjoy the advantage of playing in both regions without the added pressure of having to consistently pay to have your account switched.

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